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Okay, so I have to admit, this product is a little on the high end of the price spectrum, but it is definately worth it. I personally didn't pay the denoted price for this product due to a friend giving me her product because she didn't like the smell, so I'm not so sure if I'd actually go out and buy this product on my own. I know it's definately worth it if I ever decided to invest my money in a great Nexxus product, but let's face it- this Makeup Blog is about bang for your buck, so here goes. Let the review start! =)

I personally LOVE this product because you can apply this product to your just washed/damp hair, blow dry, brush and style. I have extreamly thin hair. If I part my hair on the side, you can see a portion of my scalp in the back because my hair is so thin. Apparently, it runs in the family because my mom is the exact same way. We're both jelouse of my little sister because she has so much hair she could donate to both of us and you could never tell!! Anyways...

When you apply the gel to your hair, you can immediately tell the gel is volumizing your hair because you hair just feels "thick" and "fluffy" especially after you blow dry your hair.

According to the bottle, the product has "NexxusSphere Technology with Time Released Nutrients.. that deliver time released nutrients and UV protectors throughout the day to continually nourish and protect hair from damaging heat, sunlight, prollution and the elements." Also on the bottle, the products provides "Volume, shine and a long lasting flexible hold that bounces back into place after combing or brushing."

I would definately say this product does exactly what it says it does. The price, however, is another thing. If you can get lucky and find this product on sale at your local drugstore or supercenter, it is a sure thing bargain to snatch up. I reserached the price online, and it's a fair statement to say that $12-$14 is the average price of this product, although I've seen many others selling for $18-$26 depending on product size. A 13.5 oz bottle is around $12-$14, and a 36 oz bottle is easily the upwards pricing of $26 and beyond.

As for the smell, think "salon products" because this product definately doesn't have a super friendly smell. It doesn't smell great, however it certainly doesn't smell bad either. Once you get it on your hair, it blends nicely with whatever shampoo scent you used on your hair. I've never once actually "smelled" this product on my hair, just in the bottle, which as stated before isn't good, isn't bad.

Overall final words? It's worth the price, if you're willing to invest. I haven't seen a Nexxus product that couldn't deliver, so in the end you can't go wrong.

Where: Wal*Mart, Walgreens, May's Drug Warehouse, Online Shopping
How Much: $12-$14 Average, $26 & Upwards Depending on Product Size
Ratings: 5 Stars
Manufacturer: NEXXUS PRODUCTS COMPANY, Santa Barbara, CA 93116

Extra Info: Expensive for the average shopper.


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