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I originally tried this product because I was needing something to keep my face clean, pretty, and help me remove makeup. First, I tried the product on the left: Skin Genesis Deep Purifying Foam Scrub Cream Cleanser. The bottle said it was for "Daily Cellular Renewal for Smoother, Brighter, Fresher Skin" and since I'd been wearing alot of makeup this summer I figured why not.

I used this product for about two months; you can easily get 2 months worth of use out of this product if you use a regular daily amount, twice a day. I used it once when I got up, and once in the evening to remove my makeup.

Later, when I was running low and I need to buy more, I then saw the product on the right: Skin Genesis Pore Minimizing Gel Cleanser. The bottle said it would "Effectively & gently remove eye makeup" and was "Opthalmologist Tested." Since they seemed to be a "group line" of products I decided to use them in combination of each other, such as first the scrub and then the gel. As you can tell from the picture, I still have a pretty good amount of gel cleanser even though I've been using it for about a month now. I use it twice a day just like the scrub cream, and personally, I like using them together versus just the scrub cream. The scrub cream makes your face feel fresh and clean and when used in conjunction with the gel, you get a nice "relaxing" feeling after the scrub. I even the gel product around and on my eyelids* to get eyeshadow off, and I've never had any problems with it. It's a very safe product for and around the eyes since it's OP tested. The only negetive thing that I have to report is that about 2 months into my using the scrub cream I started noticing dry skin around my nose so I didn't put as much on my face in that area and about 4 days later all my dry skin was gone. I'm still using the products just as before, except I'm being careful not to put globs of it around my nose, which was what I was doing before. This was the first time I had used such a product, so my skin had to get used to having daily facial treatments.

Overall, I'd definately recommend this product to anyone who is interested in twice a day daily facial cleansing just as a wake-up routine, or as a makeup removing product. I'd definately, and I am, going to buy this product again. The price is kinds high, but for the average person needing a specialty, I say go for it! =)

Where: Wal*Mart
How Much: $6.97 Each
Ratings: 5 Stars
Manufacturer: L'Oreal USA, Inc., New York, NY 10017

Extra Info: You may or may not want to use the gel on or around your eyes or eyelids. *


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