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On your MARK. Get set. GO! Okay, okay, so there's this little makeup company called Avon... I'm sure nobody's heard of it... ;) Mark., one of Avon's designer lines of makeup presents fabulous, affordable makeup for everyone's taste and style. I just happened to of picked up their bronzer for quite a devishly good price.

Island Glow Bronzer from Mark is the absolute best for blending with your favorite blush, especially if it's Summer time. You can see me wearing it in my picture below on the lower potion of cheek bones just below my blush. Once you put it on, it gives you a "tanned" appearance and together with your favorite blush give you a fabulous look. I can definately tell that this is going to be a major staple in my back to college look as well as for the rest of the Summer.

And the price? You're gonna love this one, it's under $5. No wait. It's totally under $3. So how much is it really? I'll make you wait until you scroll down to the end of my post to find out! It's a real steal. And did I mention it has a cute lil' hawaiian flower cut out in the powder itself?! How cute is that?! I totally love it! And now for the demo pic..

It really does a great job of "bronzing" and playing up those chipmonk cheeks! LOL. From my point of view, it does give your face a glow. I LOVE it! =)

Where: Your Avon Representative, or AVON.COM
How Much: $2.99
Rating: 5 Stars
Manufacturer: AVON PRODUCTS, INC., NY, NY 10020

Extra Info: You have to contact your local Avon Rep. or buy this product online.


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