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SO! Now that I've got some free time this weekend as promised, I get to update you on some really cool new stuff that I've got this weekend! First of all, I've just bought a box of BUMPITS! =) In case you're not familiar with what Bumpits are, they're these marvelous inventions by Big Happie Hair, Inc. that takes limp, FLAT hair to fabulous, big, floofy hair! I just love mine! =) GO TO BUMPITS WEBSITE TO SEE MORE INFO!

If you buy in store, you only get 3 bumpits: Hollywood (XL), Regular (M), and Small (XS). If you buy online or through TV, you get the image above. I purchased mine at Walgreens and paid $9.99 and with tax about $11.19. They are totally worth it! I use mine every day and create BIG hairdos!!! =)

And in other news, me and the bestie Erin went out shopping and lo and be hold we end up at Wal*Mart magazine shoppin' LOL and I found a fabulous hair styles book by Hair Expo. I paid $7.99 for it, and I'm happy with it. It has lots of fabulous hair styles and how to do them all, along with some really great, easy to follow hair style pictures as well. I couldn't find a website, so I had to scan my copy. Sorry for the quality! It's been laying around my room for a while so the edges are a lil' wrinkled! =)

College Resumed... AGAIN

So, I just wanted to say sorry to everyone for not being around lately. College resumed and it's been SO busy lately! I've still managed to keep up with cute makeup products and fashions lately, just not on my blog, unfortunately. I do have some really cute pix I have to post and some new products to tell you about, however I don't have the time to do so right now! Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to sit down and hangout with my computer again! Oh, for the days of summer again.....

Sara! =)

If you haven't already, go ahead and sign up for the Tousel Me Softly Sweepstakes from Herbal Essences! You could win prizes and goodies just for playing their online match play game! =) I've already entered, but didn't instant win on the match play game. Oh well, good thing you can enter everyday! =) Click the picture on the left to go there now, or use the widget! =) GOOD LUCK! =)


If you're needing a makeup applicator package for on the go useage, say in your purse, in your over night travel kit, or just need to restock your basic bits and brushes for everyday makeup use, then I suggest the N.Y.C touchup package. Granted, it's not the best touchup package that you'll ever find, but for on the go useage, especially if you don't wanna lug your expensive brushes and applicators in your purse or carry on, this is just the thing to take care of that problem.

The package comes with 6 pieces of everyday grooming items- Blush brush, eye brush, lip brush, lip brush XS, eye shadow applicator, and brow comb and brush. Of course, as you can see, you get a handly lil' plastic carry all for throwing this on the go set into your purse or carry on bag.

The pros for this product is that it's disposable. If it gets too dirty (because you don't want fungus growing in your brushes and applicators), you can throw it away and not be out anything by means of money, value, ect. This set would also be great for little girls who like to try on makeup as well.

The cons for this product is that it iswhat it is- cheap, small, disposable. The brushes are on small, short handles, HOWEVER, it will get the job done for touchups. I don't want to discredit the tiny package just yet. I tried it out- it does do a great job of touching up for on the go moments. I've tried it out in between college classes in the bathroom, as well as in the car, or in restaurants... works well for what it's made for.

Where: Wal*Mart, N.Y.C. Colors - VIEW PRODUCT HERE
How Much: $1.97
Rating: 3 Stars - It's OKAY.
Manufacturer: N.Y.C - New York Colors, A registered trademark of Coty US, LLC.

Extra Info: Great for on the go useage. Not intended for everyday makeup routines.

So, ladies. I just happened to be shopping the plaza and decided to peak in every store in Tiger Plaza. Among the goodie shops of frequent visitation, are Sharpe's, Stage, Maurices, May's Drug Warehouse, Dollar General, and other places like Hibbet Sports which I have never been into. I'm not a sports junkie, so I don't have a need.

Anyways.. I was shopping the plaza, and on my trip into
Dollar General, I picked up two pallets of eyeshadow for an unbelieveable STEAL!

I know everyone's like "Dollar General?!" but COME ON... it's a steal, and it's definately worth it!!! The products are just as good as those you would find in a local drugstore, and quite frankly, I can't believe I found these products at Dollar General!!! At first, I thought I'd try them out and see if they were worth what little I paid for them, and turns out, I can't wait to go back and buy more and experiment with other colors!!!

The colors that I picked up are called TEASE and DARLING. As you guessed, the Tease pallet is the brightly colored eyeshadows that come in yellow, orange, pink, blue and green, and the Darling pallet is the one that is in metallic white, baby pink, dusky mango, brown, and dark brown. They each come with a double ended applicator and cute, stackable, storable pallet boxes.

Price, already. I know, I know. I just want you to get the gravity of the situation- These came from DOLLAR GENERAL!!!
It IS possible to find awesome goodies at a great price if you shop around! =)

Where: Dollar General, L.A. Girl (formerly Beauty 21)
How Much: $1.50 EACH!
Rating: 5 Stars
Manufacturer: Beauty 21 Cosmetics, Inc. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Extra Info: Why aren't you shopping Dollar General?! ;)

On your MARK. Get set. GO! Okay, okay, so there's this little makeup company called Avon... I'm sure nobody's heard of it... ;) Mark., one of Avon's designer lines of makeup presents fabulous, affordable makeup for everyone's taste and style. I just happened to of picked up their bronzer for quite a devishly good price.

Island Glow Bronzer from Mark is the absolute best for blending with your favorite blush, especially if it's Summer time. You can see me wearing it in my picture below on the lower potion of cheek bones just below my blush. Once you put it on, it gives you a "tanned" appearance and together with your favorite blush give you a fabulous look. I can definately tell that this is going to be a major staple in my back to college look as well as for the rest of the Summer.

And the price? You're gonna love this one, it's under $5. No wait. It's totally under $3. So how much is it really? I'll make you wait until you scroll down to the end of my post to find out! It's a real steal. And did I mention it has a cute lil' hawaiian flower cut out in the powder itself?! How cute is that?! I totally love it! And now for the demo pic..

It really does a great job of "bronzing" and playing up those chipmonk cheeks! LOL. From my point of view, it does give your face a glow. I LOVE it! =)

Where: Your Avon Representative, or AVON.COM
How Much: $2.99
Rating: 5 Stars
Manufacturer: AVON PRODUCTS, INC., NY, NY 10020

Extra Info: You have to contact your local Avon Rep. or buy this product online.