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SO! Now that I've got some free time this weekend as promised, I get to update you on some really cool new stuff that I've got this weekend! First of all, I've just bought a box of BUMPITS! =) In case you're not familiar with what Bumpits are, they're these marvelous inventions by Big Happie Hair, Inc. that takes limp, FLAT hair to fabulous, big, floofy hair! I just love mine! =) GO TO BUMPITS WEBSITE TO SEE MORE INFO!

If you buy in store, you only get 3 bumpits: Hollywood (XL), Regular (M), and Small (XS). If you buy online or through TV, you get the image above. I purchased mine at Walgreens and paid $9.99 and with tax about $11.19. They are totally worth it! I use mine every day and create BIG hairdos!!! =)

And in other news, me and the bestie Erin went out shopping and lo and be hold we end up at Wal*Mart magazine shoppin' LOL and I found a fabulous hair styles book by Hair Expo. I paid $7.99 for it, and I'm happy with it. It has lots of fabulous hair styles and how to do them all, along with some really great, easy to follow hair style pictures as well. I couldn't find a website, so I had to scan my copy. Sorry for the quality! It's been laying around my room for a while so the edges are a lil' wrinkled! =)


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